Dear New City Harvest Volunteer,

We are so pleased you are interested in volunteering with City Harvest. We hope it will be a great experience. The following very brief survey will enable us to find the perfect role for you at our organisation.

Your contribution will ensure we can collect even more surplus food in London and get it to those people who need it most. After completing this questionnaire, our volunteer coordinator will contact you about taking the next step to becoming a volunteer.

What is your name?

What is your mobile number?

What days of the Week can you volunteer?

What times of day would you be able to volunteer?

On average, how much time per month do you wish to volunteer with us?

How did you hear about City Harvest?

Choose the volunteer roles in which you'd be interested?

Would you be able to travel to our depot in Acton, West London?

Would you be able to join a driver with a usual start time of 8:30am?

Would you be able to start an evening food sorting shift at 6PM?

Occasionally City Harvest might need a volunteer on short notice for an event or community action. Would you be interested in being on our call list for short-notice volunteers? (By clicking yes, it does not mean you are obligated to volunteer if called, nor will being unavailable affect your status as a volunteer.)

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete your registration! Please email us at with any questions.
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